About me

Madalina Mocanu between friends in front of MUSETTE shop window flower decor

Madalina Mocanu uses flowers and plants combined with various and surprising creative materials to give decor a new meaning.

She is a professional with many years of experience in flower design, and her unique artwork is appreciated by event organisers, shops and offices.

My journey to become an art florist has its creative beginnings in my childhood. That was the magic time when I discovered nature and it’s fascinating growths, curves, textures, shapes and colors.

While exploring the diversity of natural elements I felt the presence of a unique vibration and I found joy in all the details I discovered.

I was amazed to notice the diversity of plants or flowers, in their variety, size and color and their growth process, starting from tightly rolled tiny leaves that open overnight to greet you with another appearance.

It was only natural for me to choose professional training in this direction, which led me to complete the courses of the Faculty of Landscaping in Bucharest. Floral creation seminars and courses followed, and here I am today, practicing this form of art that borrows all from nature and beauty.